July 15-16, 2023: Mannheim Shuai Jiao Seminars!

On July 15, 2023 starting at 15:00 h and July 16 until 12:00 h we conduct the next seminar of the series ‘Mannheim Shuai Jiao Seminars’. This seminar focusses on techniques for competitions and sparring and is directed towards people with experience in martial arts or people who want to learn Shuai Jiao but do not live in Mannheim. If you are interested, please send us an email to info@shuaijiao.de. Thanks and greetings!

Time: Saturday, 15-18:30 h, Sunday 09-12 h

Location: Im Pfeifferswörth 26, 68167 Mannheim, Germany

Instuctor: Thomas Lutz (9 Deng, Chinese Martial Arts Shuai Jiao Association)

Costs: free of charge